btru product pack


Get all three products in the Btru Product Pack.

Recommend Daily Regimen of Cleanser, Toner and Serum:  Start with the Facial Cleanser, then apply Facial Toner, then the Facial Serum.

*Note: During winter and summer months we recommend a more frequent application of the Facial Serum to combat dry skin.

Cleanser  –  Directions:  (Step 1 of Daily Regimen) – Gently shake, apply cleanser and massage onto dry skin.  Rinse and use a soft wash cloth soaked in warm water to remove residue.

Toner  –  Directions:  (Step 2 of Daily Regimen) – Gently shake and apply with spritzer directly or on a cotton ball after cleansing or as needed.

Serum  –  Directions: (Step 3 of Daily Regimen) – Apply to clean skin in the morning and evening and as needed.


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